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How Is Your Phone Changing You?

Of the 7 billion people on Earth, roughly 6 billion own a cellphone, which is pretty shocking, given that only billion have access to a working toilet. So how are these popular gadgets changing your body and brain? If you’re looking down at your phone right now, your spine angle …

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History of the Internet

The Internet in the year 2009 we send emails make calls over the Internet and discuss topics we take an interest in even our banking is going virtual but what we take for granted today was only a vague idea 50 years ago in order to understand how we got …

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Buying Used Things

I think buying used things is pretty great Often times I’m not one to really care If something is brand new as long as it still functions As well as, or close to something that is new One man’s trash is another man’s Used, Trash. I know everyone worries about …

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