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What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

So you are reading an article online when you get an instant message with a link to a funny photo, which of course you have to share. And now you are reading your Facebook News Wall, which sends you to a video of a panda bear attacking a kid. And …

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History of the Internet

The Internet in the year 2009 we send emails make calls over the Internet and discuss topics we take an interest in even our banking is going virtual but what we take for granted today was only a vague idea 50 years ago in order to understand how we got …

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Why You Can’t Win an Internet Argument

Let’s be honest: we all try to win arguments on the internet, even though we know it’s pointless. Sometimes when you’re scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed, bad opinions and misunderstandings just jump out at you, and you have to set your friends and followers straight. But if it …

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Can Lasers Make The Internet Faster?

Looking at past trends we could guess that we’re going to be wanting to send more and more data at higher higher rates so if you upload a video to Facebook for example, Facebook is storing your video until someone asked for it. So if you suddenly say now I …

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How to Get Faster Internet Speed for Free

Hey whats up guys I’m ThioJoe and in this video I’m going to teach you how you can get a faster internet speed than you’re currently paying for without paying anything extra no matter what internet company you have. I’m going to show you what you need how to do …

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Can Your Boss Spy On Your Internet Use?

Why do I always feel like somebody’s WATCHING MEEEEEEE esp my boss Hey guys Julia here for DNews In January 2015, Science magazine declared “the end of Privacy”. From medical records, to location tracking apps, to your shopping history, your online life is no longer just your business. In fact, …

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