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Can We Teach AI to Evolve?

Artificial intelligence is really, well, intelligent. It’s beaten humans at chess and poker and AlphaGo famously beat one of the world’s top players at the super-complex game Go IBM Watson even won Jeopardy, and now a different version of it is designing personalized cancer treatments. These are tasks humans spend …

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High School Students See Technology Devices as Tools, Not Toys

>>Bonnie: So here we are, right here at Clearfield High School, and you look at these pollution plumes, a lot of you guys live in this area right here. You could possibly have the pollution plumes underneath your homes. >>Narrator: Chemistry and biology students at Clearfield High School are personally …

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Technology Integrated Across All Subjects Engages High School Students

>>Narrator: Over the past several years, there’s been a quiet revolution going on that has transformed Harrison High School’s curriculum. In almost every classroom, technology tools are facilitating a new way of learning. >>Are we collecting? >>Narrator: Probes and laptops are used in real world scientific explorations. History lessons are …

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